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Musicians want to make music – whether it’s studying, performing, composing or recording. But there’s more to it, especially if you want to make a living out of it. You’ll need to get gigs, release music, promote it and of course… you want to get paid for it.

How do you get gigs? What’s your art worth? How do you present yourself and your music? If you want to make a living as a professional musician you’ll need to be your own manager, booker, PR person and social media strategist. The realization that these things can take up a lot of your attention can be disappointing. You might not even know where to start.

Tonetrigger can help you figure out how to efficiently deal with the daily business side of being a professional musician and how to think like a cultural entrepreneur. That way you can focus your energy on what you do best: making music.

Below you will find some of our services.


Cultural and educational organizations can also benefit from the extensive field experience and knowledge Tonetrigger has to offer.

Whether it’s through lectures (about music management and the day-to-day tasks DIY-musicians have to deal with), the development of study programs and workshops, consultancy or the coaching of students and professionals – Tonetrigger can help you out.

Together we can figure out what your organization needs exactly. So don’t hesitate to contact us.

Below you will find some of our services.


Tonetrigger is founded by guitarist/composer Marzio Scholten (1982) and offers coaching, advice and support in the fields of music management and cultural entrepreneurship.

In 2006 Marzio graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Afterwards he grew out to become an important part in the Dutch music scene. As an educator he has worked for various music instutes, colleges and conservatories.

Having led his own musical projects – both music and business wise – Marzio has gained more than ten years of experience in music management, PR, bookings, social media, album productions and various other aspects of the music industry.

With more than a decade of field experience, knowledge and an extensive network in the music industry Tonetrigger has all the potential to help musicians/artists and cultural/educational organizations.


Rates are variable and depend on your needs.

Send us a message to find out what Tonetrigger can do for you.


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Every situation is different. Together we will figure out what it is that you need. Send us a message for more information.

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